Our Services

Aesthetic dentistry

Shaping the form and colour of your teeth may make your personal perceptions of harmony and beauty come true. Elegant tooth-coloured denture in the form of veneers, ceramic inlays and all-ceramic caps - there are various alternatives available to satisfy your needs. In doing so, we place special emphasis on conservative dentistry and procedures that will in no way harm your teeth.

Periodontal therapy

Beautiful healthy teeth (= white aesthetics) and healthy gums (= red aesthetics) are inseparable because it is their perfect harmony that makes your smile particularly appealing.

Periodontitis is a bacterial infectious disease of the periodontium - i.e. gums and jawbones. If not treated, this disease would cause tooth loss and affect the whole body. The earlier the therapy starts, the better the opportunities to preserve your natural teeth and to keep the disease under control

Dental prophylaxis

Occasional sweets are o.k. ...

Of course, nobody wants to ban sweets. They are harmless provided that proper dental care has already turned routine. Regular professional tooth cleaning supports your dental care at home both by removing tartar, plaque and tooth stain as well as by polishing and fluoridating your teeth. Tooth floss and interdental brushes will get to be your "good friends" at home. Our expert, Mrs. Helga Twiesselmann, will be glad to advise you.

Ozone treatment

Ozone offers a gentle method without side effects to eliminate any pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi in the mouth region.

Used in periodontology (the treatment of periodontitis), ozone reduces the amount of otherwise necessary antibiotics. It is a very effective agent in treating oral herpes. If applied as early as you feel the first tingling, it will stop the annoying and painful blistering already before it starts spreading. The disinfectant effect of ozone is exploited in root canal treatments and caries therapy.

Treatment of children

Children need tender care, patience and time which we very much like to spend.

Treating children is of particular concern for us as it lays the foundation for a healthy development of the teeth and a contented smile when they are grown-up.

Prothetic dentistry

Being toothless is wonderful at a certain age only...

At any other age you can retain your quality of life by means of high-class prosthetic dentistry. The alternatives range from bridges, partly removable dental prostheses over implant-supported superstructures to premium full denture after Prof. Schreinemakers.

Gentle bleaching

Naturalness is convincing. Your smile, your teeth - just brighter. We employ a tooth-friendly bleaching method in which we firmly believe. Mrs. Helga Twiesselmann, our expert for dental prophylaxis and bleaching, will spend some 90 minutes to "conjure forth" a teenage smile for you.

Oral herpes - What to do?

It always happens when you need it last - oral herpes starts plaguing you. Your immune is system shattered, perhaps because you have just recovered from a terrible cold. And right now cold sores! But we can help! See us in time, at best as soon as the first signs (tingling, first small blisters) have appeared. We will employ our ozonizer. Absolutely painless for you, the OZONE fights the herpes viruses selectively within a radius of 6 mm into the lip tissue. This will support your body in getting rid of the cold sores in almost no time.

Pregnancy and dental health

Each baby costs a tooth !?

Unfortunately, this misconception from bygone times is still very common. Of course, it is true that during a pregnancy gum bleeding tends to occur more frequently and that the gums are softer and more vulnerable to bacteria. These are normal effects resulting from the hormonal changes in the body. During this period you ought to pay particular attention to the health of your teeth. We would like to advise and assist you in your own intensive dental care. The dental check-up card that we will readily issue to pregnant women contains additional valuable information.